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When it comes to professional services, Alexandre’s outcome-based approach is second to none.
With a keen ear for your needs, AF provides guidance backed by objective key results, giving you the confidence to achieve your goals.

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AF as your Project Manager

Alexandre and his independent consultants offer professional services in IT Infra, Telecom, Digital Marketing, and WEB Design. Our focus is on UX/CX for Web, ERP, CRM, and Call Center Software. We deliver complex technology solutions with support at every stage. It is my high-end business professional services to help you deliver complex technology to satisfy human experience at all levels, from inception to discovery to training and deployment. Schedule your Discovery Session to learn more

AF as your Event Manager

Alexandre's team delivers exceptional Event Project Management services, with 30+ years of global experience. Their impressive portfolio includes Ibiza Nightlife, Cirque du Soleil, major festivals, and one-time shows, prioritizing the best guest experience. Our network of international and local professionals can meet all your needs for any event. Schedule your Discovery Session now!

AF as your Digital Transformation Expert

Through Pöw Solutions, we have a team of subject matter experts in digital transformation, digital marketing, and multichannel e-commerce. We provide innovative digital solutions to help you stay ahead of your competitors and reach the market faster. This service can be combined with our Business Pro and Business Agility professional services as needed, using our outcome-based CaaS™ approach. Book your Discovery Session by clicking here.

AF as your Enterprise-wide Agile Coach

Through Agile Lounge and our CaaS Outcome-based system, Alexandre will unleash his 25 years of expertise in Lean, Kaizen, Scrum, and Consulting to help you drive your business forward. Don't miss out on our Business Agility Offer - Learn more today.

AF as your Trusted Advisor

Meet Alexandre, an experienced Enterprise Coach and facilitator of Open patterns and practices. With expertise in Scrum, he's dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve success through lasting, positive change. Alexandre is a certified Executive Coach by the Open Leadership Network institute and serves on advisory boards of innovative businesses. Count on him to help you strategize, improve your leadership skills, and engage your employees in transformative change.

AF as your Brand Content Creator

Since 2006, Alexandre has been offering a very exclusive and niche professional service. He can connect you with top-notch photographers and videographers for any visual project, be it event filming, portrait, or capturing memories. Alexandre also has experience in assisting photographers who create content or need models and locations to shoot. Additionally, he can help you market and sell your prints and digital prints. Book a Café with us by clicking the link to explore how Alexandre can assist you with your visual needs.

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This is Alexandre’s platform as a gateway to your Freedom Lifestyle for Entrepreneurs with high Potential. Based on his own path, he aspires to help you transform your life from mere employment to creating your own business or freelancing, ultimately leading to the sovereign and independent lifestyle of the new economy.

Moreover, Alexandre network brings together business owners enabling innovators and creators to connect with venture capitalists and executive clubs, giving you the tools and resources to realize your dreams.

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Tous nos services sont également offerts en Français.


If you choose to go solo and play alone, remember that you are never truly alone.
These affiliations are more than just groups; they are my teams and some of them are my business family with whom
I collaborate to achieve greatness, with openness.
I would like to introduce you to them and invite you to join us in our pursuit of progress.


Alexandre Frédéric Joly is an International Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Project Manager, Customer Experience Designer, Scrum Coach, Business Agility Consultant, and Creator of many ventures and companies since he was 16 years old.  Starting in 1991 with FCDJ Agency, later merging into Necksus Projects Raves worldwide in Europe and 514 Production locally in Montréal, Alexandre realized many worldwide electronic music events. 

After working in the Entertainment industry, including five years at Cirque du Soleil worldwide, Alexandre embarked on his journey with Yves Rocher Canada as the Customer Experience Manager, where he established the company’s first multichannel Call Center that became Contact Center. Later, as the E-commerce Director, he demonstrated his expertise by developing innovative approaches to enhance the delivery of multichannel customer experience across various Contact Centers in North America.
He also served as a consultant, inspiring numerous businesses to optimize their customer service offerings. His remarkable accomplishments serve as a testament to the power of creativity, perseverance, and dedication in achieving success.

In 1999, two engineers asked him to defy an order and go from being the project manager for a software simulation training product to becoming an early Scrum Master. Ever since then, Alexandre has worked in Lean and Agile systems which brings him to continuously improve himself, creating business value and the greatest people experience. 

With 25 plus years of experience in building high-performance teams, Alexandre is a seasoned executive and organizational coach who has worked on dozens of agile transformations. Alexandre’s experience includes being an advisor to start-ups, from Palma, Ibiza, Londres, Phoenix, Austin, and San Francisco to name a few, in lieu of gaining world-class project and product management experience.

Alexandre offers four main programs as professional services, and many affiliation brands, to facilitate your business success. You can appreciate them in our Services (Outcomes) and Affiliations sections to know more.

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Alexandre is a true Project Manager. Looking out for his clients, he will lead the way, ensuring everyone knows what is expected from them. But the most important part is that he understands PM red tape can be cumbersome for his clients. He'll find ways to make it easy on you, taking it one small step at a time, working on the essentials first, he gets you going. The job gets done.
François Guérette
Journal Les Affaires
AF has coached a number of teams within BELL, one of which I was a PO for. The sessions were adjusted to our challenging environment. His knowledge of Scrum and Agile practices is unequaled. I did benefit tremendously from his teaching. Also, AF is an excellent communicator with great change management skills, he was not only able to approach the naysayers or the resistors but also capable of making them play a key role into the agile implementation within the organization. Thank you very much for the great journey.
Nouha El Hilali
Bell Canada
Alexandre Frédéric Joly is a highly capable professional, adept at bringing order, structure, and efficiency to even the most complicated business problems. His tenacity, creativity, and systematic method of approaching problems are all qualities that make him a highly effective business leader and company builder.
Andrew O'Halloran
Cypra Media

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